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A Tale of Two Birthdays

July 26, 2010

Yesterday was my daughter’s third birthday. Because our parents are very far away, we celebrated with friends up the street who have two kids of their own. (Note: I personally celebrated when she went around saying, “Mommy has big boobs” – apparently, the bra is working.)

The girl’s only had a few birthdays, but they’re always cozy and uncomplicated: some helium balloons; hot dogs; cake; a few presents; the end. There’s no pin-the-tail-on-anything or musical whatever and the whole thing is over in a couple of hours, including prep time and clean up.

This is in stark contrast to my son’s birthday parties. They’ve always been epic, with at least 20 kids, heaps of presents and a gimmick of some sort – think magician, indoor playground or riverside Cray fishing expedition. I plan decorations for days and ensure that the cake ties the whole theme together (yes, people, I have themes…to be honest, I go a bit Party Mamas on everyone’s ass).

I grew up celebrating birthdays somewhere in between these two extremes and my husband was a heathen commie in Yugoslavia who didn’t do much of anything, so it’s not like we’re following childhood traditions with our kids.

I don’t think I’m being a lazy parent (about this, anyway) because the Cray fish derby was just last May, nor do we have double standards between the kids for anything else.

Here’s an interesting realization I’ve come to while writing this post: the son’s parties are actually more suited to the daughter’s personality, and vise versa. He’s more introspective and happiest with a few friends, while she’s a social animal who’s been singing Happy Birthday to herself for three months.

Have we subconsciously thrown the kind of party we think they need in order to get one to come out of a shell and the other to calm the frig down?

Heavy thoughts for a Monday, people. I need to analyze this for a moment. With some cake, obviously.

Um...yeah. Kind of the opposite of this.

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  1. July 26, 2010 12:56 pm

    You are hilarious!

  2. B Jas permalink
    July 27, 2010 11:57 am

    Damn. Really want some of that cake….

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